Overweight And Among The Fit

You know how life can sometimes be so ironic you can’t help but giggle? This is the description of my life recently. Through my journey of improving my life, one of my goals. No, one of my requirements was that I find a job. Because how am I going to improve myself without working, right? So I was going through my daily routine of focusing on my food, and going to the gym, when like a hero swooping in to save the damsel in distress, I saw it. “Now Hiring: Part time floor staff needed, apply at the front desk“.

This was it, the sign from the universe, the next step on my journey. So I applied, and I got the job! Life was great, things were finally working in my favor. I went in for training and, while the job seemed a little physically demanding, I was ready for it. Then came my first shift. I can tell you confidently, this was the most physically demanding 6 hours of my life, from the re-racking weights, to walking the track and organizing the fitness corners, and cleaning each and every fitness machine and placing them in their correct spot. I was not prepared, mentally or physically for this.

Halfway through the shift, I found myself in the bathroom, crying, hair stuck to my scalp from sweat, ready to give up and quit. When I looked at myself in the mirror, and the thoughts of self loathing or criticism didn’t surface. But an overwhelming sense of love and responsibility flowed through my veins. Love for my self and who I am, love and gratitude for what I had already accomplished. Responsibility to my self and to my future, to keep going and keep pushing my self no matter what. To not give up, because giving up on this job, would mean giving up on myself, on my potential, and on my future. That wasn’t an option for me. So right then and there I promised myself I wouldn’t give up my dream, of being happy. I realized that I might have to go through some not so fun experiences in order to reach that, and thats ok, as long as I am always moving forward and contributing in some way, to improving my life and creating a better future.

So here I am, one week in to my new job, and I have found a great sense of love and appreciation in the work, I look forward to going to my job and I am no longer counting the hours till I get to go home (most of the time). I’m not perfect, there are times when I don’t want to go, but I remember the promise I made to myself, and I commit to going. Not only do I commit to going, but I commit to enjoy every minute of it, because for me, it is much easier to find the good in life, then ruminate in the negative.

So that is my challenge to you, find something in your life that you don’t enjoy, and make a conscious decision to enjoy it, find something within that activity that makes you happy and hold on to that. Let me know how you do in the comments below!

Author: Ruzele

I am a twenty-six year old lifestyle & health blogger / YouTuber living in Orange County California. From documenting my weight loss of 150 pounds to everyday life/healthy living, my content covers a range of topics and issues! Want to chat? Send me an email!

2 thoughts

  1. Way to go!!
    The irony won’t stop there. Mine right now is gladly giving up hours and hours of sleep.
    Each choice matters =)

    Love you, and I’m happy to see that you are proud of yourself


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