Day 5, Getting sick but pushing forward!

Hello everyone!

Wow! today has been nuts! So I had another mishap last night with the whole snoring shiz, but I have found a solution! Buying earplugs for everyone in my room, so they can down me out. Fingers crossed that it’ll work. I’m actually sitting in my bed right now, which is a nice change. The last hostel only had wifi in the office area, so being able to change out of my dirty city clothes and type this is defiantly more relaxing.

Today was busy! I got up around 10, but we didn’t leave until about 11 because we had to sort out a billing mistake, but all is good now! We started by taking the tube to visit City University London, which has the number 2 ranked broadcast journalism program in the uk. I ended up meeting someone from the international department and found out I already meet some of the requirements to attend that program! It was really exciting and the area was so cute!


From there we took the tube to Oxford Circus and stepping onto regent street was like going to a whole new city! So far we have been on the out skirts of London, so going into central was a huge shock, I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many people! In a way I really admire it though, everyones rushing around, but that means they are being productive and living their life, it made me really happy to see! From there we headed up to the BBC Headquarters. Working at BBC is like a dream job for me, so this was so exciting. We had scheduled to take a tour, but arrived early so we sat in the media lounge while waiting. Earlier on when we had got off at oxford circus I started to feel a little off, but brushed it off as social anxiety or nerves, oh boy was I wrong! About 15 minutes before the tour I felt so ill, I ran to the lou (I’m so english) and ended up sitting there for about 10  minutes, nothing happened, so I thought I was ok, but just I stood up I threw up, twice and then was interrupted just seconds after by the guide saying the tour was starting.

So there I was, feeling so sick, sitting in the bathroom in the media lounge at the BBC headquarters, wanting to go back to the hostel and lay under the covers all day. But this was so important, so, somehow I managed to muster the strength and go on the tour, and I don’t regret it one bit. Touring the studio was like seeing where my future will lead, I also got (was the first to volunteer) to do a mock broadcast and talked to some of the higher-ups about what you need to do in order to work there, it was one of the coolest experiences of my life.

I do look totally wrecked, but keep in mind I had just gotten pretty sick and toured the office of my dream.

From here we moved on and walked down regent street until we saw Liberty, and awesome store located in a 150 year old building, I could have spent hours in there!

IMG_1985After leaving liberty we grabbed dinner at an Italian restaurant across the street, I was still feeling ify, so I got plain pasta. But for boiled flour it was [pretty good!

After dinner we walked to Piccadilly Circus, basically the equivalent to a smaller Times Square. And I succeeded in dropping my sunglasses in front of a double decker, lucky they were rescued, but not before being totally scratched up. We also stopped in a tourist shop called Cool Britania, where I got some presents for family as well as a union jack flag for my wall at home!

We then took the tube, btw I am a totally tube master now, to the London bridge station to see the view from the Shard, a 72 story building in the middle of London, and it did not disappoint!



After leaving the shard we were 8 hours into walking and 20,000 steps tired, so we headed back to the hostel, only for me to discover we have a rooftop terrace with some amazing views. Its officially my new favorite spot!


Tomorrow we are headed to a bunch of famous historical buildings like Westminster and the Tower of London, then tomorrow night we are going to a 3 hour long Medieval banquet, so that will be interesting! My goal is also to venture out of my comfort zone and go down to the bar (where everyone is) and make some friends tomorrow night, I don’t drink, but I can still have fun and make friends without it 🙂

Thanks for reading!

Talk to you tomorrow! xxx





Author: Ruzele

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