Day 7, Escaping the City

Hey everyone!

So today was a great day! Snore update: I hardly snored last night! hopefully that continues!

total step count today: 16,201

I slept in till about 9:30 and we went down to the docs at the Tower of London and caught the same Thames River tour as yesterday, but we went the opposite way. We headed to Greenwich, about 20 minutes from the Tower. And the first thing I have to say, is Greenwich is adorable, at least the marina area, it is such a cute area, I fell in love!



IMG_2371_2We walked through Greenwich to the Park, which in it’s self is absolutely beautiful! It was so green and fresh, there were birds and squirrels everywhere. I also happened to meet a guy with a husky named Kayia who had one blue and one brown eye, which is especially weird because we have a husky named Kayia who has the same eyes. We walked for about 30 minutes through the park to the Greenwich Observatory, which is where the Prime meridian is and where Greenwich Mean Time originates. It was actually very interesting!




IMG_2364 IMG_2363_2

From here we ventured to the Chislehurst Caves a manmade cave system. It is 21 miles of caves and tunnels carved out as an old flint and chalk mine, later used as an ammunition depot in WWI and an air raid shelter in WWII as well as a mushroom farm in the 30’s. During WWII the caves were practically tuned into an underground city, you can still see the bathrooms, hospital, taverns, and dorms. The tour was really cool, we were the only ones there so the guide ended up taking us to places that aren’t usually visited like a roman well

IMG_2380_2ancient druid sacrifice altars, and the dance hall where Led Zeppelin and Jimmy Hendrix played. Most of the tour was done in places where there were no lights so we each held a kerosene lantern to guide us, which added to the creepy factor, we were also taken to an underground pool where the remains of a woman were found years ago. For a few moments I had a bit of anxiety once were were about a mile deep, it was like a maze getting to that point and I had no clue how to get back to the entrance, and the guide was speaking about how peaceful the caves were and asking us about our plans for the rest of the day. He was just being nice, but in the moment it was like the opening of a classic horror movie and he was going to end up chasing us through the caves with a knife, but luckily that didn’t happen. He was quite lovely actually!


Just call me Indiana Jones


From the caves we actually went back to Greenwich because I loved it so much and had dinner at Jamie Oliver’s restaurant called Jamie’s Italian, it was really good! I got a rocket salad and a veggie dish, it was pureed pumpkin and squash with steamed spinach and marscapone wrapped in a noodle, I also splurged on a kettle of tea, I needed the energy to get back home!

IMG_2411_2 IMG_2410_2


After dinner we made our way back to the hostel and on our way I was asked for the second time for directions, yes! I’m blending in with the locals! Now I’m sitting in bed getting mentally preparing for my last full day in London tomorrow, I am defiantly going to miss this city, but I’ll be back. It’s crazy to think I’ve only been away for a week, and have 2 more to go. I have done more and have grown so much over the past week than in the past year and I can’t wait to see what the next two weeks bring! I also really appreciate everyone who is reading, all the comments and support mean so much and really encourages me to be more engaged and document everything, I hope your all doing well! Sending love from London


-Ruzele ❤

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