Day 8, Wicked


snore update: I was told last night was halfway between 2 nights ago and 3 nights ago. So a bit worse than yesterday, but not as worse the first night.

Step counter: 11,326

So todays post is going to be a bit of a short one, sorry about that. I woke up this morning about 7 and took a shower and got ready for a super exciting day, we were going to see the globe theater and changing of the guard and bike around hyde park, but straight out of the shower I fell asleep and didn’t wake up till noon. So we missed the changing of the guard, it wasn’t high on my must do’s, but I still was a bit gutted. So I got up and we headed off for the day! About halfway down the street I started to get this weird dizziness that felt like I was rocking on a boat, I’ve had this off and on for a few days, and I got all clammy and ended up running into an indian restaurant, the smell certainly didn’t help, and throwing up. I was still feeling ill so I decided to go back to the hostel while pam continued on. After another visit to the toilet and an hours nap I felt better. I think the dizziness is because of fluid built up in my ear, Musinex seems to make it better.

Anyways, from here I met up with Pam at the Globe theater, traveling through London on my own was much more anxiety inducing than I thought. And I somehow ended up on a street that said “beware, thieves active in this area”, but I managed to get there and I kept my wits about me. One thing I have learned through this is I am much more capable than I believed or gave my self credit. Back to the theater, they were doing a show so I couldn’t even go in, and it turns out its not even the real theater! It was built in the 1940’s, and while I appreciate the landmark and have high respect for Shakespeare himself, it felt like a bit of a cheat! So we didn’t go in, well Pam did, to the museum, but that was before I got there. From the Globe we walked across the Millennium Foot Bridge towards westminster. On our way we saw a sign saying subway, and of course we thought this meant the tube, turns out its just a tunnel under a street you could just walk across in the first place! But, I did find this cool mirror a took a super hipster-esque photo on. So ya, Im super cool…. ;p

IMG_2433 IMG_2444 IMG_2437 IMG_2436

We made our way to Victoria Station and got some dinner, and then ended up meeting one of the girls that is staying in our room, named Virginia, and seeing Wicked! It was amazing, seriously the best play I have seen, I am amazed by the talent that the performers had. It was great to go out with Pam and Virginia, one of my goals was to make friends on this trip and I’ve been successful so far!

So thats it for today, sorry it was a shorter post. Tomorrow were headed to Stonehenge and Longleats so that will be awesome!

See you tomorrow!



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