Day 10! Stonehenge!


Snore Update: It was described as a light feather snore, so I guess thats improvement?

Step Update: 10,056

So today went by so fast! We woke up and didn’t have time for breakfast, so we ate on the way. We headed for Stonehenge! Pam had been already so I went on my own, it was incredible! There were tourists everywhere, which was a but annoying, but just being there, in a place of so much history and unanswered questions was so exciting!

From here we drove to the very cool town of Glastonbury, the whole town is like New Age, Hippie central and I LOVE it! The little shops and carrot card reading, and fortune telling. It was all very interesting. What I loved most was the fact that it was open, everyone talked about what they believed in and there was no judgement or fear of being judged, it was a very cool place and I will be back! While there we took a bus up to the Glastonbury Tor and claimed the hill! It defiantly was a challenging hike but so worth it. The views were incredible and I met some pretty cool people. From the tor we made our way back to the city and stopped at the Chalice Well. Which I got to drink from and “bathe” in. By bathe I mean dip my feet. You can defiantly taste the iron in it, but its supposed to have healing properties, lets hope I don’t wake up with wings or sprouted gills in the morning! We also grabbed dinner at a pub in Glastonbury, and surprisingly, the pub had a vegetarian menu! I had a veggie burger and it was surprisingly good!

From here we drove through wells and made our way to the hostel in Bath, it’s so gorgeous here! I’m not sure what were doing tomorrow, but it should be fun! Unfortunately I can’t upload photos right now because the internet is so slow, but check my Instagram for all my photos from today!



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