Day 11, Bathing with the Romans


Snore Update: I was called a “fucking pig” by a girl in the middle of the night, so that was fun. One thing this trip is doing is making me stronger and pushing myself to stand up for my self.

Step Count: 12,047

So today was great! I am learning so much! We went to the Roman Bath’s this morning and toured around the old bath house, it was so interesting and cool to be walking where the romans and saxons did. After touring the baths we headed to the avon canals and did about a 6 mile bike ride, it was the most beautiful bike ride I’ve been on, right along the river and it was sunny but there was shade from the trees. It was beautiful! One thing I learned was biking in the wild is much different from biking in the gym, the biking in the gym prepared me for all the walking, but didn’t prepare me for actually biking. haha

After the bike ride we went to the Roman Bath threrme spa and spent 3 hours soaking and it was great! So relaxing, the also had aroma therapy steam showers, my favorite was the menthol eucalyptus, totally cleared out all my sinuses. It was such  great day, I feel like we did so much but it wasn’t rushed at all. I still can’t upload photos but hopefully the hostel in Cardiff will have better internet!

Hope your all well!



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