Day 14, off day


So last night we got to the cottage here in Chipping Camden and I actually got to sleep in! I slept in till about 10 which was nice. Then we headed off to see Anne Hathaway’s house, no not the actress, Shakespeare’s wife. It really was so cool. I walked on the same floor Shakespeare did!

From here we were going to head to all 5 of the Shakespeare related houses in Bradford upon Avon, but in a seriously clumsy act. I fell, climbing over a fence. Straight on my knee, yep, I’m that coordinated guys! Nevermind, the gate really was just in my way, totally not my fault.

So after I got all the tears and swear words out, my knee was swelling up so we headed back to the cottage and I have been icing it all day. Fingers crossed I wake up and it feels better, I’m not sure what’s planned for tomorrow, but I defiantly want to explore the village!

Hope your all well!


Author: Ruzele

I am a twenty-six year old lifestyle & health blogger / YouTuber living in Orange County California. From documenting my weight loss of 150 pounds to everyday life/healthy living, my content covers a range of topics and issues! Want to chat? Send me an email!

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