On The Precipice of Change: Tuesday Mind Dump

Hi Everyone!

How has your week gone so far? I just got home from work and can’t stop thinking about my “orientation” tomorrow. If you don’t know, tomorrow I am going to a consultation and first class for the medically supervised Optifast 800 full meal replacement plan at 2:30! I am so excited to go and meet with the team and learn more, and honestly I am just so anxious to get started.

I have spent the past week binge watching videos and reading blog posts about peoples experience with Optifast. A lot of people to fail on this diet, but a lot succeed and maintain long term weight loss. Those who have failed admit that they didn’t do the emotional and habitual work that is required to change your relationship with food. I already have been doing behavioral work and am so ready to be taught and learn so much more from the nutritionists and doctors.

Pretty much all thats on my mind now is this Optifast. Which makes my actions from today even more odd. I ate 3 chocolate chip cookies today, and I felt so horrible, not only emotionally but also physically. I was bloated and felt like I was going to throw up. But I pushed through, and didn’t let it get to me to much. I also didn’t let me drive into a deeper binge. I think part of me felt kind of panicked that I am going to not being eating any solid food, apart from bars, for the next…who knows how long!

Anyways, so that is my post for today. I am going to finish filling this paperwork out and watch pretty little liars with my cousin.

Thank you to everyone for your support and kind words. You are all amazing! Have a great day, see you on Friday!


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Author: Ruzele

I am a twenty-six year old lifestyle & health blogger / YouTuber living in Orange County California. From documenting my weight loss of 150 pounds to everyday life/healthy living, my content covers a range of topics and issues! Want to chat? Send me an email!

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