Weigh-In Week 7

Hi everyone!

Quick post tonight, I just got home from my weekly Optifast meeting. The meeting went great, I really am getting closer to the people in my program, all of who are in the maintaining phase. It is really inspiring to see these people who have lost massive amounts of weight and been able to keep it off. This week I didn’t loose as much as I wanted, but considering the 9 pound weight loss in the 1st week, I am still at 11 pound lost in 2 weeks, which is awesome! So this week I weighed in at…


It’s still shocking to me that I am under 300 pounds. I never ever thought I would be. It was like the carrot being held in front of someone running on a treadmill, something I never thought I would reach. Now that goal I thought was unobtainable, has already been surpassed and I get to move that number down even further! People have said I should set up rewards for my self at each goal, but reaching those milestones of weightloss is reward enough! I don’t need a new pair of shoes, clothes or a new hairstyle. Being able to move easier and be less reliant on food, and just feeling better about my self and my future  is more than enough reward! I can’t wait to see what this number is next week!!!

See you on Friday!


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