Feeling Conflicted

Hey Hey!

So I am working on a big post and thought it would be done by today, but its not yet! so time for another rambly post! Yay!

I’m feeling really good! Guess why?!

I actually went to the gym yesterday! It’s about time, right? I finally went to a gym by my work yesterday and I can’t even begin to tell you how good I felt during, and after. Its worlds of difference between and now I know I need it. Part of me was afraid of going, because I thought I wouldn’t have enough energy from such a low calorie diet. But I brought a shake in with me and completed a good 40 minute cardio session, and the workout gave me more energy to keep going!

I also wanted to vent about something I have been conflicted with. So during the meetings, the dietician goes over different ways to make the soups taste better. Like adding a little siracha, soy, or teriyaki sauce. Or seasonings like no salt seasoning, cajun, or others. The binder even has lists of sugar free syrups you can add to the shakes. While they say this is ok to do, and I have taken advantage of these options for the soups because they are really bland, I feel like it could lead me down a slippery slope as far as adding to much. I also think it could be keeping my cravings going as well. I didn’t start doing this until the second or third week, but I remember back to when I just did the soups totally bland, I did feel better and more free from food! I’ve felt conflicted because they say it’s ok to do, but for me I don’t think it is. It’s genuinely a struggle to say no to adding flavors to food, especially when the doctors say it’s ok. For me I really think it’s a wiser decision to cut all extras out while I am working so hard. I don’t want to end up messing up and reverting back to old habits and I think I need to fully address those before adding anything additional.

What do you guys think?

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Author: Ruzele

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