Easter Sunday and Woking Out

Hey Everyone!

I don’t know why, but it feels like I haven’t been here in a while,  even though I just posted my weigh in on Wednesday! I still can’t believe that I now weight less than I did in High School! This week has been a whirl wind!

I spent Easter Sunday with my family and had such a nice day. We took a walk around Laguna, by the beach and obviously took some classic touristy photos.


This was the first time in a very long time that I was actually ok with having full body photos taken of me. I’m not comfortable with my body, but I’m getting much closer to being in that place. Plus how cute are my cousin and aunt?!



Overall this year was probably the best Easter we have had in a while. That night we went to see Zootopia, one of my new favorite movies! We went to a theater in Newport Beach and it had THE most comfortable seats ever! They were full recliners!

The day after Easter was my moms Birthday, she would have been 53 years old, it’s crazy how it feels like shes been gone forever, but also like it happened yesterday. I’m not going to get to sappy, I wrote a post that day here which you can check out.


Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 11.22.43 AM
This is cash, my cousin. My mom and I. I love my mom’s smile in this photo

I spent the day again mostly with my family, we didn’t do much except drive around and watched a movie called The Good Dinosaur. I balled like a baby during the whole thing and it honestly felt so good. I cried a lot that day, but I wasn’t too sad. I spent the day mostly remembering all of the good memories I had with my mom.

I am not doing much else other than working, and working out. But I am honestly loving it! I have found that I love being busy and active! No more lazily hanging out in bed for me!


I had to buy my self some new workout clothes, which is a nice problem to have. And I love them, I can’t even tell you how much having clothes that actually fit me feels. I am at the awkward stage between a 2x and 3x, which is so much nicer than trying to squeeze into the biggest 3x I could find!


I hope you all are doing great! Let me know down below how your week has gone!

See you on Monday!

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 8.57.35 PM

Author: Ruzele

I am a twenty-six year old lifestyle & health blogger / YouTuber living in Orange County California. From documenting my weight loss of 150 pounds to everyday life/healthy living, my content covers a range of topics and issues! Want to chat? Send me an email!

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