Weigh In Week 16! Perfect Doesn’t Exist

Hey everyone!

So I just weighed in this week at 259! I said it out loud in the class and I actually couldn’t believe it. It doest seem real the I am in the 250’s! That is only 1 pound this week, but I’m still ok with that, it’s still a loss!
I had a hard time this week, I think being sick threw me off. I wasn’t working out and for almost 2 days I hardly ate anything. What makes this program relatively easy is the  consistency of it. There are only a few different things that I can have, so its easy to tell my self no. When I started to get my appetite back after I was sick I found my self wanting add a bunch of unnecessary additions like olive oil or vegan mayo. When I was young and got sick, I had pretty much a free pass to eat what ever I want because “it would make me feel better”. So now when I am actually sick, those old habits and thoughts came back up. I found my self having a can of black beans and I added..get ready to be grossed out…ketchup, salsa, vegan mayo, balsamic vinegar and olive oil! What?!?

As I’m typing this out I recognize how gross this sounds, and it wasn’t very tasty. It was like I was craving a flavor overload, and after I ate it I felt unsatisfied and really guilty. Part of me wishes I was “strong” enough to not have any moments of weakness and be a perfect example. But to be honest, I learn SOOO much more about my self when I mess up. I learn about my triggers and the way I react to different situations. These lessons I learn about my self will help me so much when I reach the maintenance part of Optifast and start incorporating “real” food back into my diet.

I was unsure about posting this because I didn’t want to look weak or imperfect. But I think it is so important to share when we are having a hard time. Ya I screwed up, but I was honest with my self about it and I learned from it. I’m not perfect! But no one is! I am so much happier and healthier than ever before and I feel like I’m really getting to know my self. I am finally becoming the person I want to, and have always known that I am.

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Author: Ruzele

I am a twenty-six year old lifestyle & health blogger / YouTuber living in Orange County California. From documenting my weight loss of 150 pounds to everyday life/healthy living, my content covers a range of topics and issues! Want to chat? Send me an email!

8 thoughts

  1. We ALL screw up when it comes to food every now and then. It’s normal and doesn’t make you imperfect.
    What I have really loved about the program I joined a little over a year ago is I have eaten normal food the entire time. The nutritionist has guided us and taught us how to plan what to eat and how to put together a healthy meal. That way I make my own choices, and now it’s not difficult anymore. I don’t feel well when I eat junk now. I physically react to different things that I never realized before because I didn’t care what I ate. I’ve become better at reading the signs my body is sending me, and I adjust what I eat accordingly.
    There’s nothing that is “illegal” for me to eat. I make my own decisions. I put together the plans and meals myself. And I have taught myself to make more healthy decisions when it comes to food.
    That also means that I KNOW that my 88lbs weightloss has been from me doing right decisions all the way. Which makes me really proud of myself 🙂

    You are doing awesome, though! one pound is still something. And reaching those milestones – like being in your 250’s has got to feel amazing. Keep on the good work! I’m cheering for you!

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    1. Wow! What an amazing comment, I always love seeing your feedback!
      Thank you for reminding me, sometimes I put to much criticism on my self.
      What program are you doing?
      When I get closer to my goal weight the classes with my dietitian start to focus much more on managing the balance with food, I’m kinda scared to start incorporating food back into my diet! Haha, I guess it’s a good thing I am working on that now!
      Thank you so much! It seems unreal that I am in the 250’s!

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      1. There is a special program for overweight people here in Oslo. You have to be referred by your doctor and the expense is mostly covered by our public healthcare plan. In the beginning I went 9 hours a week for 12 weeks, then 6hours for 6 weeks and lastly 3hrs for 12 weeks. Now we have 3 hours a month and we will have these 3 hours a month for two years. Every time we meet we have on hour of work out together and half an hour to get changed etc and then an hour and half in group talking about different topics either with a nutritionist, a psychologist, physical therapist or Doctor.
        They look at the overweight in a holistic way. Everything is connected. And it’s important to get help with the mind as well as the body if you want a lasting lifestyle change.

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            1. Yes! There will always be the risk of gaining the weight back and going back to your old habits if you don’t deal with the emotional relationship you have with food as well! Thats what attracted me to the program I’m doing, the weekly class really addresses how you view food

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