Hello From Hounslow!

Hey everyone!

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So it has been a loooong 2 days, or I guess day and a half because of the time change. I am writing to you from hounslow England! I left for LAX yesterday and met my friend pam at the international terminal around 2 and we took off on the longest flight ever at about 6:30. I didn’t get a wink of sleep on the plane, 10 hours and 30 minutes of sitting in the most uncomfortable airline chair ever!


IMG_9727I did watch Brooklyn, which I have been wanting to see for a very long time and to be honest, I wasn’t that impressed. I wanted to see it because Saoirse Ronan is one of my favorite actresses, but the movie seemed to drag on in places. I should probably give it another try since I think the inability to sleep may be a contributing factor to my dislike of the movie.


Anyways, we landed at Gatwick Airport about 3pm and went to get our rental car after somehow making it through the most insane border control line ever! From gatwick we drove here to Hounslow where we are staying the night before moving on to Bath!



I just now got back from a walk around the city centre and it is a really cute little english town!


I have noticed a huge change in my weight and ability to move around, I fit in the airplane seats so much better and can walk around with out being winded at all! Overall, I am feeling good, a little homesick, but thats a given when I haven’t been away from family in a long time. How are all of you doing?! Let me know down below!


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Author: Ruzele

I am a twenty-six year old lifestyle & health blogger / YouTuber living in Orange County California. From documenting my weight loss of 150 pounds to everyday life/healthy living, my content covers a range of topics and issues! Want to chat? Send me an email!

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    1. Thank you so much, bath is defiantly one of my favorites! Were going all over the southern area. right now we are in Torquay! Tomorrow were heading to the Eden Project!


  1. As a local to Hounslow I had quite a giggle at how you referred to it as ‘cute’! I doubt many people around here would describe it as that! I hope you have a great trip and find some truly cute English towns on your travels!

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