The English Riviera and Prehistoric Caves!

Day 3

Hey everyone! So today we decided to sleep in a bit and got up at about 9. Then we drove to the village of Cerne Abbas, about 2 hours away, to see the Cerne Abbas Giant!

IMG_1566We then went to have some tea and visited an adorable tourist shop in the village. This little town was so quaint and everyone we met were absolutely lovely!

Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 7.35.41 PM.png

Then upon suggestions from some locals we went to Dorchester museum, specifically to learn more about The Maiden Castle and Jurassic coast which were our next stops! After leaving the museum we made our way to Maiden Castle just outside the city centre, which is actually not a castle but a hill fort dating back to the Iron Age!


After leaving Dorchester we made our way down the coast and ended up in West Bay, a small fishing town on the Jurassic Coast! Unfortunately it was raining like crazy and so windy so we couldn’t take a proper walk along the coast, but I got some amazing photos and collected a few beautiful rocks from the seaside! I think we will be heading back on our way back up the coast so hopefully the weather will be better!


After leaving West Bay we made our way to Torquay, aka the English Riviera, and found our hostel. Le Pepillion, by this point we were exhausted from a day from driving, so we ended up hanging out and going to sleep pretty early!

Day 4

Today we had to check out by 10am, so we woke up about 9 and made our way to Paignton, the neighboring city to Torquay. After stopping at the beach for photos and meeting a lovely Englishman and his dog Tilly, we went to the city centre for breakfast which was tea and an Optifast Bar for me. After we walked around for a few hours. This whole town just had such a costal town vibe to it, it was a nice change from the other villages we have been in!


We left Paginton and made our way to Kents Caverns in Torquay, we got to explore these ancient caves that were formed in the Pleistocene period!


After leaving the caves we made our way to The Eden project, which is where I am writing you from now! We are staying in old shipping containers that were converted into dorm style rooms! I will upload some photos tomorrow so you can see what they look like!

My food has been going great the past two days! I have not had any slips ups and am still averaging about 10,000 steps a day! Have any of you been to these areas? Let me know below, also I would love to hear how your personal journeys are going! Update me in the comments! See you on Monday!

Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 6.11.16 PM

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