Travel Diaries. The Eden Project to Exeter


May 21

So today was a day at The Eden Project! The weather wasn’t the best, but luckily I spent the day in the heat of a rain forest! It really was amazing, the amount of work it must have taken to build this amazing structure is mind-blowing! We also got to climb to the top of the biosphere and see the whole dome from above! The view was amazing, and I still can’t believe I climbed those stairs! Not something I would have done a year ago! I left around 3:30 or so because I was extremely tired from the night before. I had forgotten to put my phone on night mode and got a few calls that woke me up. But I went back to the hostel and had a great hour long nap, then spent the rest of the night editing and uploading my vlog!
May 22
We left the Eden Project around 10 and made our way to the Gweek Seal Sanctuary and got to see the AMAZING work they do rescuing and rehabbing sea life! There were 3 specific seals in the Nursery that keep making eye contact and it seemed like they were putting on a show for me! It really was incredible.
After the seal sancurary we drove to our hostel, which lets just say it was…humble. After checking in we drove in to St. Ives (a beautiful coastal city!) we did laundry, much needed! And took a walk about through the city and along the harbor front where we had dinner. I had some peas and a small salad with just a bit of vinegar, no oil or salt. That is one thing I have noticed, I really haven’t been having the veggies that I am allowed to have on the program, during this trip. I am taking care to be extra cautious not to slip, which I haven’t and am honestly amazed that I haven’t! It hasn’t been without temptation. But I just remind my self of my goals and where I want to be.
After exploring we found a shop and each got 2 towels because SUPRISE! Our hostel offered no sheets or blankets or pillows!!!!! To be fair, it was in a barn…
Needless to say that was to coldest I have ever been, but the owner, Russell was the nice man I have met! He made the whole experience great! I bundled up in 3 pairs of pants, 4 shirts, 3 pairs of socks and used an airplane blanket and my jacket as cover for the night. Not ideal but it makes for a good story and I am grateful we had a roof over out head!
May 23
We woke up today and got a bit of a late start. We went in to tintagel, but left shortly after because we really wanted to see Heartland Abbey and Blackpool mill cottage! We got to the abbey and I met some adorable donkeys! After having tea we drove in to Stoke and then went on an amazing hike to see the Cottage from Senese and Sensibility! It was amazing! I have always been afraid and hesitant of hikes because when I was younger and we would do hikes as part of school trips, I could never keep up and I would get made fun of for being slow. This hike was a huge mental and physical push for me, but I am so glad that we did it! I am so happy to be traveling with such an amazing, strong and determined woman. I love you Pam! Now we are in the car driving to our Hostel in Exeter, tomorrow we are headed to the Isle of Wight! Weigh-In is on Wednesday and I think it will go well, I have not gone off the program at all since last week so fingers crossed! Hope you all are well, how is your journey going? Let me know below!
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