Travel Diaries, Brighton and Eastbourne

May 26

Good Morning everyone! This morning we drove through Portsmouth then headed to Brighton! I was so excited to go to Brighton because some of the Youtubers I watch live there and it was cool to see it in person. It is a beautiful seaside city, definitely a lot busier than I expected! We drove around the city a little bit then parked near the lanes. We walked to The black Bird Tea Room and had some tea because when you in England, proper afternoon tea is a must! After we walked in the lanes for a bit and made our way to the water front where we got on a tour bus that took us around Brighton and Hove! It was a great day and a great way to see the city! We got off at the pier and took a walk down to take in the view and the atmosphere. It really reminds me of a California beach city like Santa Monica! After the day in Brighton we made our way to our hotel for the night!



May 27th

This morning we woke up in Eastbourne! We first visited The Long Man Of Wilmington, there are 3 chalk carvings in England and we can now say that we have seen 2 of them! There was no walking path to walk up to the man, but we were able to get photos! After we drove up to Beachy Head and went on an amazing hike along the cliffs! It was incredibly beautiful! We then headed into the town centre of Eastbourne and parked near the high streets, after a short walk we stopped at a like corner cafe for tea and veg! Eastbourne reminds me of a smaller version of Brighton, it was really cute! After walking around I came back to the hotel because I had some hives on my chest and arms so I took a shower and Benadryl and am head to sleep! Tomorrow we are going to the Leeds Castle and the Ashdown Forest! How are all of you? Let me know below!




Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 6.11.16 PM

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