I Have Been Challenged! So Have you!!

Hey Everyone!

So first things first, I have been challenged by my fellow Instagram/YouTube friend Lauren (aka looseitlikelauren) To workout every single day of August!


I am going to need your help to do this! Comment or email me workouts that you enjoy so I can try them out! I want to do a different workout every day! I will be filming these for my vlog and posting each day on Instagram so make sure to follow me at: MeltingZele! Comment on my latest Instagram post “MNNBlogFam” and join me on this challenge!

I went shopping yesterday! Forever21 had a crazy sale going on where everything was $10 or under! Went a bit crazy but realized I now fit into all 2x’s, 3x’s are waaay to big! Also I fit into size 16 jeans! It was a great day for non scale victories!

As for how this journey is going for me, this week has been so much better! I have videoed everything I have eaten and that will be in my vlog on Wednesday! That has really helped keep me accountable and aware of my choices! So even though this morning I had 2 “snack” size salads with dressings. I still filmed them..well one of them…But I did track them and I am aware of it! If I would have just not had the dressing it would have been      a-ok to have the lettuce but the dressings, especially the ones that come in those store bought pre made little cups are sooooooo bad. I can totally feel it! I feel bloated and have a bad after taste that not even optifast can get rid of! I made not the best choice, but slowly and not with out mistakes I am changing my habits!

Because I am forcing my self to be accountable and aware, these “speed bumps” will make my very practiced habit of going to food for comfort, less of an option the more I practice being aware and holding my self accountable. I am not beating my self up for the choice I made this morning, because I actively made those choices. I wasn’t zoned out and ignorant, I CHOSE to have the dressing and that is something I have to deal with. Reflecting back now, I wish I chose not to have them, but because I am aware of this, next time I won’t! That’s how habits change! You cant just say, I will never do this or have this again, and expect your self to be perfect. Its like training a muscle, you have to repeat the same awareness until that habit is strong and the bad habit is gone!

Are there any habits that you have had to change during your journey? How have you done that? Let me know below! I challenge all of you to the same challenge! Workout every day, you wont regret it!


This is me and my aunt on my 22nd birthday, and this past Saturday! #progress Also, how cute is she?!

Author: Ruzele

I am a twenty-six year old lifestyle & health blogger / YouTuber living in Orange County California. From documenting my weight loss of 150 pounds to everyday life/healthy living, my content covers a range of topics and issues! Want to chat? Send me an email!

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  1. YAY new clothes!! After my OptiFast meeting tonight, I hope to go for a walk for my exercise today. If not, I’ll lift more weights or do core floor work.

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