Week 34 Weigh In

Hey everyone!

Quick post tonight! I just go back from my weigh in and I FINALLY lost! I weighed in at 223 for a loss of 3 pounds this week! Totaling 112 pounds lost!

How has your week gone? Let me know!


6 thoughts on “Week 34 Weigh In

  1. did not lose a bit but was asked by few if I lost weight, odd :p
    other than that… ugh oh lots of thinking, probably too much for my own good
    the topic is: bullying and bullies, and all the nice kind people who allow it
    will write a note about it tomorrow

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    1. Haha i find it interesting how we sometimes cant see the changes in our bodies, but others can!

      I have had my fair share of bullies and most of them have their own issues that make them feel like they can be mean to others, or in some way it makes them feel better. When I come across bullies now, I try to just kill em with kindness 🙂

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