Mind Dump: When I Am Doing Less Than I Should

Hey everyone! It's been a while since I just sat down and talked about what's been going on with me. That's something I did at the begging of my journey, and I think it helped me cope with the times when I was struggling. It helped me not go to food, so that is why I…

5 Tips To Start Your Weight Loss Journey

It may seem so overwhelming or impossible sometimes, but I promise with small steps and unrelenting determination you will succeed and you will know what being happy and healthy feels like!

A life changing decision +pro and con list

Hey everyone! So if your reading this, that means you are subbed to my blog. This post isn't going to actually be featured on my blog at all. Honestly I feel like this is one of my safe spaces where I can talk to people who have been with me since the beginning without judgment.…