Week 26 Weigh In

Hey everyone! I just got back from my doctors and I weighed in at 236.2! It so amazing but so frustrating! I am 3 ounces away from being at 100 pounds lost! I just can't believe it!  So without a doubt I will be there next week and that is unreal to me! It doesn't … Continue reading Week 26 Weigh In

Checking In From Vidcon!

Stop saying and start doing

About The Bikini…

My name is Ruzele, and even though I want to change my body, I love it for how it is in this moment.

Weigh In Week 24! 4 POUNDS AWAY!

Hey everyone! So I started off this morning by kickboxing! Thats right! I went to trial session at a local kickboxing gym and it was THE best workout I have ever gotten! I definitely learned a few new exercises I am going to incorporate into my workout! I just got back from my weigh in … Continue reading Weigh In Week 24! 4 POUNDS AWAY!

New Weekly Vlog Is Up!

Hey everyone! I wanted to let you know I just posted my weekly vlog a few days early! Check it out! https://youtu.be/J4zJpiAw5lM   I got into detail about my problems this week and on a bit of rant about "national doughnut day" aka the stupidest holiday ever! Hope you all are well! I will see … Continue reading New Weekly Vlog Is Up!