4 thoughts on “Let’s Connect!

  1. Hey Ruzele! Just thought I’d leave a response here – – trying to encourage you to keep it real & not lose sight of your blog – – EVEN THOUGH things are super tough right now: You never know who else is going through things like you are…. and too, may be encouraged or inspired by your journey. Love ya. Pam


  2. I love the name and the look of your blog. I am so excited that I have connected with not one but two people going through a personal transformation TODAY. Thank you for sharing your journey. I want to echo what pam said. You never know where you are gonna get or lend inspiration. Blogging IS such an awesome tool as you journey because it evolves with you. I have tried several different times to begin this journey ( and the blog ) to the tune of ten times. in a year or so.I am hoping that this one takes hold. 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much! I have absolutely LOVED blogging the past few months, it really has helped me stay accountable, and enjoy the small things! I look forward to seeing your journey!


  3. Hi Ruzele,

    As of yesterday, I’ve moved from WordPress.com to a self-hosted site. That basically means that if you’re following my blog, unless you’re following via email, you won’t be notified whenever I publicize a new post. It won’t appear in the Reader anymore.

    If you want to continue being updated you can just go to my website and “follow by email” which is available on the sidebar.

    I really enjoy interacting with my readers and try to comment where I can – it always gives me a lot of encouragement to see people replying to stuff so I think it’s really important. I’ve also struck up some good friendships in the blogosphere and I’d love to carry on doing that as well. I’ll be sure to log into WordPress regularly and check my reader. I’ve already started to visit followers sites so I can follow them via email.

    I should have contacted all my followers before shifting them over to Siteground hosting but now I’m having to contact everyone individually. Well there’s nothing like the personal touch! Take care!


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