A life changing decision +pro and con list

Hey everyone! So if your reading this, that means you are subbed to my blog. This post isn’t going to actually be featured on my blog at all. Honestly I feel like this is one of my safe spaces where I can talk to people who have been with me since the beginning without judgment. And I need to work some stuff out and the best way I do that is through writing! 

As you guys know I have had quite an issue with hair loss, to the point that now I have actual bald patches and my hair is breaking off. The little hair I have that is long I can’t do anything with because of just how little I have and at this point my hair has become much more of a nuecance and causes me so much anxiety and stress then necessary. The hair loss is caused by the stress that my body has gone through with losing weight so rapidly, on top of that I also don’t have a thyroid gland, which obviously also plays into the sucky hair situation. This is my hair, lack of, right now: 

So, that being said, the past few months I have seriously been considering shaving my head 😬. What better way to make a life changing decision than make a pro and con list right?! So here it goes:

Cons of shaving my hair:

  • I may not like my head shape
  • I might look weird 👽
  • Not being able to hide under my hair
  • I might not feel confident 
  • Lack of feeling womanly 


  • I won’t have to deal with my hair
  • I would be able to rock beanies!
  • The shame and embarrassment that is connected to my hair loss will be gone
  • The chance to get to know my own body and face shape 
  • Morning routine cut down to no time! 
  • I won’t have to constantly re apply fibers and dyes to hide my bald spots
  • I won’t have to put stress on my head with teasing and top knots 
  • It may give my body a break that it needs to grow my hair back

As I am writing this the answer is pretty clear but I am still scared shitless. The con list is all what ifs and uncertainties while the pro list is mostly definites. I think I know what I want and need to do but now it’s just a matter of letting go and having the courage to actually do it. Not only from a physical stand point, but emotionally I feel like this would be extremely empowering and just another step in discovering who I really am. It will force me out of my physical and mental comfort zone.  

So there it is, I haven’t made a decision yet, but I probably will in the next few days. I do want your guys input! 

Thank you for sticking with me through this insane journey! 

💗💗💗 Ruzele 

5k Announcement!

Hey Everyone!

I am so excited to announce to you guys that I have officially signed up for a 5k! I am running the 2nd Annual Foster the Future 5K/10K! It’s on January 7th at 8:35 am! Not only am I excited to run my first 5k on my 23rd birthday, the proceeds also go to an amazing foundation! “This is a wonderful opportunity to help support emancipated foster youth.  Proceeds from the race benefit Journey House,  “whose sole purpose is to assist emancipated foster youth to meet their independent living needs.”

If any of you are in the LA/OC area and would like to run with me let me know!  I am so excited for this! Also, if any of you have tips for training for my first 5k please let me know as well! I will leave links to the 5k page as well as more information on Journey House below!

Journey House:


Event Page:




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