It’s Been A While

Hey Everyone! Wow I know it’s been quite a while since I have taken time to post on here. I have really missed it! Continually I have struggled with finding “balance” in life, which I think looks different for everyone. I am still in school, over the past 2 semesters I have overwhelmed myself withContinue reading “It’s Been A While”

Weigh In Week 24! 4 POUNDS AWAY!

Hey everyone! So I started off this morning by kickboxing! Thats right! I went to trial session at a local kickboxing gym and it was THE best workout I have ever gotten! I definitely learned a few new exercises I am going to incorporate into my workout! I just got back from my weigh inContinue reading “Weigh In Week 24! 4 POUNDS AWAY!”

The Great, The Bad, And The Embarrassing

The Great, The Bad, And The Embarrassing

I suck…and it’s ok

I was considering not posting today, I feel like a total mess. I was scared that if I post that I am not doing well then that will hurt one of you in some way, which is kind of ridiculous I realize. I hope sharing my experiences with my journey will help one of youContinue reading “I suck…and it’s ok”

Back Home!

Hey everyone! I got home last night and am happy to be home! I spent all day doing laundry and getting my suitcase unpacked, tomorrow I am back at work! I just posted my vlog covering my second week in England! Check it out here:   Weigh in is on Wednesday! See you guys then!Continue reading “Back Home!”