Checking In From Vidcon!

Stop saying and start doing

Weigh In Week 24! 4 POUNDS AWAY!

Hey everyone! So I started off this morning by kickboxing! Thats right! I went to trial session at a local kickboxing gym and it was THE best workout I have ever gotten! I definitely learned a few new exercises I am going to incorporate into my workout! I just got back from my weigh inContinue reading “Weigh In Week 24! 4 POUNDS AWAY!”

Weigh In Week 23! 

Hey everyone!! I don’t have to long of a post but I wanted to let you all know that I just weighed in at 242 pounds! even with such a hard week and having an issue earlier in the week I still managed to loose 2 pounds and I am so happy! That means IContinue reading “Weigh In Week 23! “

I Think That’s Me Under There…

Personal style has always been a big deal for me, I can remember shopping with my grandma as a kid (one of her favorite activities) and just being in awe of all the different clothes and styles. I tried my hand at making fashion videos on youtube, and failed because I wasn’t representing myself! IContinue reading “I Think That’s Me Under There…”

I Will Never Not Have A Goal

I can remember being at 330 pounds and struggling to walk up the stairs without getting winded. Now I am 75 pounds lighter and it doesn’t feel like much time has passed. I find this so odd because I wanted for years and YEARS to loose weight, it was a constant obsession to the point whereContinue reading “I Will Never Not Have A Goal”