Where Have I Been?!

Despite the trials and challenges, this past month has been one of the most rewarding and intellectually progressive times I have had!

Am I Changing My Blog?! I need your input!

Hey everyone! So there is going to be a change coming to blog, nothing bad! But I do want your guys' opinion! So this week I started school, I am also working full time and my schedule it busier than I have ever been or ever thought I could be! Over the past few weeks … Continue reading Am I Changing My Blog?! I need your input!

Top 6 Workouts For Beginners

I want to share my top 6 favorite workouts/workout fundamentals with you guys

Lets Talk About Non-Scale Victories

In the mainstream media health is portrayed as a number, not as a condition..

I Have Been Challenged! So Have you!!

It's like training a muscle, you have to repeat the same awareness until that habit is strong...