Answering Myself

Hey Everyone! So today's post is going to be a fun one! I asked if you guys wanted to hear me answer my own questions from the Leibster award and the oh so kind Coffeefox requested that I do! So here are me answering my own question, which are surprisingly harder than I thought! Geez ruzele..! When … Continue reading Answering Myself

6 Places I Want To See In My Lifetime

The top 6 places I want to see before I die, what are yours?

A Peak Into Pandora’s Box

This is the most scared I have been writing a post, part of me is fighting not to click "publish". But I need to start letting this chapter of my life go, in order to truly start a new healthy, and happy one.

Tuesday Mind Dump

Hey guys! So it is Tuesday again! For some reason I thought these posts were due on Wednesday...not Tuesday. So here I was, thinking that I had a whole additional day to write this thing! Alas, that is not true, and my nasty habit of procrastination wins again. I have noticed that I have had a hard … Continue reading Tuesday Mind Dump

The Big 300

I have struggled with my weight for as along as I can remeber. During the later 3 year of high school I really started putting on weight and before I knew it I was at 335lbs.