Week 29 Weigh In!

I weighed in this week at….

Accountability Check-In

The most important thing is to keep a lapse from turning into a relapse.

Week 28 Weigh In!

Hey everyone! So I weighed in tonight at 231! That is 2 pounds down for a total loss of 104 pounds since my highest weight!! Every week before my weigh in I always stress and psych myself out. I convince myself I wont loose even though I am being honest and sticking to the program!Continue reading “Week 28 Weigh In!”

Going Out

Hey everyone! Todays post isn’t going to be to long. There may have been a bit of procrastination involved. But it was mostly because I went out tonight, like out to a bar/club thing to see one of my favorite musicians in Los Angeles! You may be wondering what there is that is so spectacularContinue reading “Going Out”