Week 29 Weigh In!

I weighed in this week at….

My cup is half full

Hey everyone! So I’ve been having a hard time recently. I am really struggling with my self esteem right now and I know this journey comes with ups and downs. So to help me get out of this funk I want to write a few things that I am grateful for. I am greatful forContinue reading “My cup is half full”

Checking In From Vidcon!

Stop saying and start doing

The Great, The Bad, And The Embarrassing

The Great, The Bad, And The Embarrassing

New Weekly Vlog Is Up!

Hey everyone! I wanted to let you know I just posted my weekly vlog a few days early! Check it out!   I got into detail about my problems this week and on a bit of rant about “national doughnut day” aka the stupidest holiday ever! Hope you all are well! I will see youContinue reading “New Weekly Vlog Is Up!”