Week 30 Weigh In! 3 ounces?!

just got back from my optifast meeting, I weighed in this week at...

Week 29 Weigh In!

I weighed in this week at....

Accountability Check-In

The most important thing is to keep a lapse from turning into a relapse.

My cup is half full

Hey everyone! So I've been having a hard time recently. I am really struggling with my self esteem right now and I know this journey comes with ups and downs. So to help me get out of this funk I want to write a few things that I am grateful for. I am greatful for … Continue reading My cup is half full

Week 26 Weigh In

Hey everyone! I just got back from my doctors and I weighed in at 236.2! It so amazing but so frustrating! I am 3 ounces away from being at 100 pounds lost! I just can't believe it!  So without a doubt I will be there next week and that is unreal to me! It doesn't … Continue reading Week 26 Weigh In